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Root Canal Therapy (Root Canal Treatment) - Greenville, NC

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About Root Canal Therapy

If the soft inner area of the tooth (also known as pulp) becomes infected, it can cause lots of pain and the whole tooth begins to die if the infection is not removed. A root canal therapy by our dentists at DentalWorks - Greenville NC in Greenville, NC removes the infected pulp from the tooth, which can save the tooth and allow proper healing begin. To protect and strengthen the tooth after the pulp is taken out, a filling material can be injected inside the tooth or a dental crown can be placed over the tooth by our dentists. If the infection is not treated, other teeth can become infected, plus the bacteria may enter the blood stream and infect another parts of the body. At DentalWorks - Greenville NC in Greenville, NC, our dentists perform root canal therapies to help patients and restore their oral health.

What to Expect

A root canal treatment is usually performed with local anesthesia to numb the teeth and gums, plus our dentists may add sedation if needed. Our dentists will remove the pulp from the infected tooth or teeth, then our dentists will place a crown or inject filling material. Some patients are at higher risk of developing an infection (usually patients with heart problems like congenital defects and artificial heart valves, so our dentists may prescribe a round of antibiotics both before and after the root canal treatment.

Treatment Aftercare

If only local anesthesia is used, the patient will be able to drive and recover at their home, but some sedation options may require the patient to have a responsible adult pick them up. Patients will have temporary numbness and some patients may have minor discomfort that can usually be treated with an over-the-counter painkiller. If a temporary crown was placed over the treated tooth, the permanent crown will be placed and fitted by our dentists at a separate appointment. After a root canal, oral care including brushing and flossing at home, as well as visits to DentalWorks - Greenville NC as recommended by our dentists are important to keep up the health of the treated tooth or teeth.

Insurance Coverage

A root canal procedure is usually covered in part by the patient's dental insurance, but it may not cover added expenses for emergency care. Our dentists at DentalWorks - Greenville NC in Greenville, NC accept many forms of payment and DentalWorks - Greenville NC can help patients with financing, as needed.

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Pulp Protection

To relieve your pain and prevent more dangerous dental health problems, don't avoid talking to our dentists about root canal therapies. With modern dental equipment and techniques, as well as sedation options at DentalWorks - Greenville NC in Greenville, NC, treating an infected tooth doesn't have to be excruciating or difficult.

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